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Never pay for a beach bed again with the Mr. E-ZY Sunbed

Mr. E-ZY - Sunbed - Shiny Yellow model

Experience ultimate freedom on the beach with the revolutionary Mr. E-ZY Sunbed – never pay for a beach bed again! As a beach lover, you know that a beach bed is the perfect place to relax and enjoy the sun, the sea, and the sand. But often, all the beach beds are already rented out on beautiful days, and if there are any beds available, you’ll quickly have to pay a few tens of dollars. That’s now a thing of the past! Discover here how you can say goodbye to paying for beach beds forever.

Optimal relaxation without hassle

Let’s be honest, no one wants to lug around chairs or beach beds. Besides being often heavy, they can also damage your car and are not easy to take on a bike. In recent years, inflatable airloungers have become very popular. With these handy inflatable chairs, you can enjoy lying on the beach without having to carry heavy beach chairs. But there’s one downside: you have to inflate them yourself. It’s a funny sight to see people running around scooping up air for their airbag, which went viral, among others, thanks to influencers such as Bas Smit.

Automatic inflation for ultimate convenience and comfort

The Mr. E-ZY Sunbed is the solution for beach lovers who want to relax without hassle. The inflatable sunbed automatically inflates itself with just one press of the button on the built-in power bank. No more hassle of scooping up air, with one fill, you can enjoy a delightful sunbed all day long wherever you want. The Mr. E-ZY Sunbed offers ultimate convenience and comfort.

Lightweight and portable for effortless transportation

What makes this sunbed even better is that it’s super light and compact. You can easily carry it over your shoulder, without any lugging or heavy lifting. Weighing less than 2 kilograms, the Mr. E-ZY Sunbed is a true delight for beach lovers who want to enjoy without hassle.

Enjoy wireless charging and versatile use

But that’s not all! The power bank of the Sunbed can also be used to charge your phone, so you stay connected even on the beach. At the end of a wonderful day at the beach, simply deflate the Sunbed and take it back with you in the spacious included carrying bag. And we’re not just talking about the beach here – the Mr. E-ZY Sunbed is suitable for all kinds of occasions. Whether you’re in the park, camping, by the pool, in your own garden, on your camper, boat, or anywhere else, the Mr. E-ZY Sunbed provides a solution everywhere.

Comfortable and durable design for an optimal beach experience!

The seating and lying comfort of the Sunbed is truly fantastic. The ergonomic design ensures optimal support, and the durable material allows you to enjoy your beach experience for a long time. Durable, comfortable, and user-friendly – the Mr. E-ZY Sunbed is an absolute must-have for anyone who wants to relax in style. Order the Mr. E-ZY Sunbed in the colors Midnight Blue or Shiny Yellow now and enjoy!

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