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Is your company interested in the Mr. E-ZY as a promotional gift or would you like to use it at an event? Then get in touch with Brandhouse using the contact details below.

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The Mr. E-ZY is unique not only because of the built-in power bank that makes it fill itself but also because of the fact that it has no large openings so it does not lose air easily. The Mr. E-ZY is completely sealed all around and therefore it loses virtually no air during use. This is because the inside has a durable TPU coating. Once filled, you can therefore enjoy the Mr. E-ZY for a very long time, and should you still want to add some extra air? 1 push on the button of the powerbank is enough.

Mr. E-ZY makes Life easy!

More information can be found on the sustainability page.

You can pay with :

Bank transfer
Credit card
Riverty (afterpay)

You will receive the Mr. E-ZY in a very luxurious package which means you will immediately experience a real experience. This luxury package contains the Mr. E-ZY of your choice and a handy carrying case with it. Also a charging cable so you can recharge your powerbank when it is empty.

The Mr. E-ZY is precisely made to be used outdoors but is so comfortable that it can of course also be used indoors.

If you order on a working day before 16:00, our fulfilment partner from joure will ensure that your ordered. Mr. E-ZY is delivered within 1 working day in the Netherlands. With high exceptions, this takes 2 or 3 days but as said these are exceptions. Orders from abroad may take slightly longer.

We have plenty of options in this area. Our b2b partner Brandhouse from Den Bosch can tell you in detail all the possibilities. Call or email for all your B2B questions 076-205 93 63.

The Mr. E-ZY louncher weighs only 1.2 kg, the Mr. E-ZY chair not even 1 kg and the Mr. E-ZY sunbed only 1.4 kg. So it’s ideal and super-light to take everywhere with you and completely easy in the spacious carry bag we supplied. We have made this bag nice and roomy so the Mr. E-ZY does not have to be crammed into a bag that is too small.

The Mr-Ey lounger and the Mr. E-ZY Chair are excellent for great gaming. It is even possible to plug your controller into the powerbank

We have spent two years developing a powerbank that inflates itself at the touch of a button. The powerful powerbank was designed by ourselves and is the first in the world to do so. The powerbank extracts air from the outside and automatically blows it into Mr. E-ZY through the large button. Funny to know, but really you should just enjoy this convenience.

You deflate the Mr. E-ZY very easily by opening the large button on the powerbank and then gently pushing on the product. To make it even easier, we have included an extra-large carrying bag so that it can be put back into the bag without any effort. We have also posted a deflating instruction video on this website.

You can fill the Mr. E-ZY with a full powerbank more than 20 times and when it is empty you can simply recharge it on the mains.

However, we do make 1 comment and that is when using the phone charging function included on this powerbank. This function is wonderful for an empty phone battery but naturally drains the powerbank much faster, take this into account.

We also recommend that you don’t wait until the powerbank is completely empty but just charge it whenever you go to enjoy a wonderful day or days with the Mr. E-ZY. A powerbank charging instruction video can be seen here.

There is a full year’s warranty on this quality product!

The Mr. E-ZY has a load capacity of up to 150 kg.

Because the Mr. E-ZY is equipped with a power bank, it is not suitable for entering the water.


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