What do we do about sustain­ability?

To answer this question properly and clearly, we first give the definition of SUSTAINABLE; “intended to last”, “relatively environmentally friendly” resource-saving. The term sustainable refers to things produced or obtained in a way that minimises the impact on the environment and nature.

Starting from this definition, as a small and start-up company, we started thinking about how we could do our bit for a healthier environment and nature. We did not take the easy road with this and sustainability has influenced our final entrepreneurial decisions quite a bit.

We are the last ones to say “we are doing it perfectly”; on the contrary, even now we see room for improvement for ourselves and this process will take some time, but one thing we can promise you: we are working hard on it. Ultimately, we aim to be as sustainable as possible with all our products.

The first step we have taken is to make our Mr. E-ZY Lounger and Mr. E-ZY Chair out of Nylon because this fabric is light, strong, hard-wearing, long-lasting and does not tear so easily. All properties that make the products last longer.

The coating we use for the Mr. E-ZY Lounger and Mr. E-ZY Chair is TPU coating. TPU coating is a much more expensive coating than PVC, but also much more durable than PVC.

The above has to do with the product itself but we have also looked at the entire logistical route our product has to take. For instance, our products are made in 2 different factories namely the model itself and the powerbank. Initially, our products had to travel a giant road to get to the powerbank factory. We searched just so long that we now have 2 factories that are much closer together, this saves a huge amount of fossil fuel. We also do not order half or quarter containers from our manufacturers but full ones all the time so that no unnecessary energy is wasted.

All may seem like small steps but all great things in the world started with them.

So again, we are definitely not perfect yet, but every day we will do our best to eventually be as perfect as possible in terms of sustainability.