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Discover the ultimate camper experience with Mr. E-ZY!

Mr. E-ZY - Lounger - Sea Green model

Imagine: enjoying a vacation with your camper, experiencing ultimate freedom, flexibility, and the comfort of your own “home” on wheels. Whether you dream of adventures in Norway, Sweden, Denmark, or the beautiful destinations in France, Spain, Italy, or Croatia, with a camper, the possibilities are endless. But how do you deal with the limited space in your camper?

Optimizing limited space

Bicycles, scooters, tables, (beach) chairs, and bean bags are essential for exploring the surroundings and relaxing in the sun. But let’s be honest, they take up valuable space. Fortunately, we have developed the Mr. E-ZY self-inflatable bean bags, an innovative travel companion that solves all your camping space problems. Meet the solution that takes your vacation to the next level: Mr. E-ZY!

Comfortable camping with versatile bean bag models

The Mr. E-ZY is available in a Chair, Lounger, and Sunbed version, each featuring a unique – designed by us – power bank. With just one push of a button, the Mr. E-ZY self-inflates in just one minute, without the need for an electrical network. Thanks to the clever fully sealed design, the Mr. E-ZY retains almost all of its air, eliminating the need for constant refilling. Additionally, we have eliminated the plastic inner bag, which is not only sustainable but also good for the environment.

Easy to carry and store - the convenient carry bag

The Chair, Lounger, and Sunbed are super lightweight, compact, sturdy, and easy to carry over your shoulder. After a wonderful day or week of adventure, you can effortlessly store the Mr. E-ZY in the included carry bag. Enjoy the convenience and freedom that the Mr. E-ZY air lounger offers, wherever you go.

Always charged with the built-in power bank

With the push of a button on the built-in power bank, you can transform any place into a chill area. And as if that’s not enough, you can also charge your phone through the convenient power bank. Mr. E-ZY makes life easy and ensures you can fully enjoy your camper adventures.

What are you waiting for? Hit the road with your camper and experience the luxury and comfort of Mr. E-ZY. Let your vacation create memories that last a lifetime. Choose ultimate freedom and discover the convenience of Mr. E-ZY. Turn every journey into an unforgettable experience with Mr. E-ZY as your ultimate travel companion. Check our models, order now and let Mr. E-ZY elevate your vacation to the next level!

Never pay for a beach bed again with the Mr. E-ZY Sunbed